River Rafting

Daily Program

One the best kept secrets of travel is the fact that Turkey is one of the best destinations in the world to go for river rafting for both rookies and professionals. Having some of the most scenic water bodies running through sylvan mountains and canyons, Turkey is the scene for all types of rafting lovers, from amateurs to professionals, since the destination can cater to all capabilities of this fun adventure.

Depending on your level of capacity and expertise, you can choose to enjoy rafting in various parts of Turkey. In the Norteast of the country we have Coruh River for the more savvy adventurer while on the Southwest shores there runs Dalaman River offering less challenging experiences for the beginners of the sport. 

In Southwest part of Turkey we are glad to offer daily excursions of rafting for leisure travelers that would like to throw in little bit of excitement to their vacation as well as crafting multiple day rafting expeditions for the savvy adventurers.

For an unforgettable experience of rafting in the rivers of Turkey contact our expert advisors at adventure@turkeytourcenter.com

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